Hands arms legs feet.

Infinitely complex mechanics.

Subtle movement and a fleeting gesture generated by mysterious emotions.

Outrageous beauty that photography distills from within an ambiguous anatomy.

Sensations of a relaxed skeletal structure or a taught array of sinews.

Stretched or wrinkled skin.

Automatic twitching of joints.

Ankles subconsciously navigate uneven paths and manage to keep us in balance.

Elbows decide to help us comb a head of hair.

A wrist learns to pour a glass of wine.

Not literal images – more a coaxing to wonder.


These are photographs that live in a penumbra somewhere between grace and awkwardness.

They are invitations to pause and appreciate the enigma within us all.

The Frog and the Muse ~ A Fable


There is a species of frog whose brain will not register if lunch is moving out of reach of its sticky tongue. Its eyes still send

signals of a receding meal, but it has evolved in such an extraordinary manner, that there is no part of its brain allocated to receive those signals. It wastes no energy and suffers no angst because it has no perception of this missed opportunity.


Almost one third of human grey matter is devoted to processing visual information – most of it irrelevant.

So what happened ?


Perhaps because my life moves in constant chaos, I value simplicity.

Intuition tells me to discard, so I cannot fathom complexity, so I edit.

I put bits together and discard bits that don’t fit.


I am naturally lazy, so I allow my subconscious to do the work.

I have no formula – it is intuitive and changes randomly with the elements.


Photographs are the medium used to disseminate information.

Wars love sex hamburgers and whiskey – diamonds cars bras beer and perfume - paintings movies music and even photographs themselves. Every newspaper and magazine, every invitation, postcard, catalogue and website relies on photography to promote its image. It permeates every second of our lives, becomes the very memory of our dreams.

If I say Mona Lisa, we all see a picture in our mind.

Yet how many of us have seen the real Mona Lisa?

I know her only from a photograph.


So why is it that the photograph is the most misunderstood medium of all?


It fascinates us because it is a fabulous two-dimensional lie.

A photograph may be molded over time but it is frozen in an instant. And at that instant we are blind. We never see the moment that the camera sees. We are drawn to the mystery and seduced by the magic, and words confuse the muse.


We can only interpret based on personal experience and that experience is so subjective, so momentary, that a strong photograph will produce strong emotions that transcend the mere document.

Merely a trigger to our memory of substitution, but through it we perceive far more than we see.


The frog couldn’t care less.

It waits patiently and contemplates the approach of dinner.



I am intrigued by façade, costume, uniform and adornment,

their role in perception and prejudice.


How social mores change with time and place and culture.


Where models are cast out and outcasts become models.


Where restraint produces freedom, yet freedom is restrained.

Where nudity conceals and dress reveals.


How social circles wind through circus and burlesque,

craving the very passion they condemn.

 ©  Terence Bogue    2011 ~ 2015